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Communications Services Site Map

     Page Not Found
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     Communications Services Accounts
     Welcome to Communications Services
     Welcome to Communications Services
     Report a Problem with UCSB Service
     Report a Problem with UCSB Service
     Communications Services Online Tools

     Website Accessibility
     About the Communications Services Website
     Web Privacy Policy

     Contact Communications Services
     About Communications Services
     Communications Services Organization
     Policy on Quality
     Communications Services Staff
         UCSB Departmental Directory

     UCSB Directory Assistance
     Order Campus Directories
     Updating Departmental Directory Listings
     Updating Individual Printed Directory Listings
         Verizon Santa Barbara Electronic Directory

     In-Bound Toll-Free (800) Service
     Your Telephone and 9-911 Emergency Services
     Authorization Codes
     Automatic Call Distribution
     Cable Pair Rental
     Cable Television for UCSB Faculty and Staff
     Calling Cards
     Cable Television Policy
     Cellular Telephone Services
     Cellular Telephone Services
     Extended Conference Services
     Extended Conference Services
     Courtesy Telephones
     Calling Features for Faculty and Staff
     Services for UCSB Faculty and Staff
     Departmental Liaisons
     Departmental Liaisons Membership List: A-E
     Departmental Liaisons Membership List: A-E
     Departmental Liaisons Membership List: F-O
     Departmental Liaisons Membership List: F-O
     Departmental Liaisons Membership List: P-Z
     Departmental Liaisons Membership List: P-Z
     Departmental Liaisons List Update Form
     Communications Services at Distant Locations
     Fax Lines
     Digital Key Telephone Systems
     Off-Campus Communications Services
     Two-Way Radios
     Repairs for Faculty and Staff
     Cable Television Repair Responsibilities
     Data Services Repair Responsibilities
     Telephone Repair Responsibilities
     SMS Text Messages through Email
     Telephone Service for Faculty and Staff
     Temporary Telephone Disconnection
     Training and Consultation
     Troubleshooting Your Service
     Voice Mail for Faculty and Staff
     Cellular Telephone Services
     Service Requests and Work Orders
     Verizon Wireless Equipment Offers
         How to Access Your Account Usage Report
         BORIS Frequently Asked Questions
         Changing University/BARC Account Numbers
         Communications Services Accounts
         Introduction to Recharge Billing
     Acct Sum Mgmt
         Introduction to Recharge Billing
         Introduction to Recharge Billing
         Introduction to Recharge Billing
         Service Request Forms
         800 MHz Radio Repair Advisory
         Account Summary Management Tool
         Account Usage Report Redesign
         Check Your Telephone Location Data
         Change to Printed Billing Statements
         BORIS Conversion
         Changes in How Outgoing Caller ID Works
         Communications Services Manages Campus Cellular Services
         Use of Cell Phones and Prepaid Calling Cards by UCSB Departments: FAQ
         Single-Line Telephone with Message Waiting Light
         Helping Departments Reduce Telephone Expenses
         News and Notices
         893 Numbers and the Do Not Call Registry
         Junk Faxes, Telemarketing, and Email Messaging
         FCC Narrowbanding Mandate
         Message Waiting Light for Panasonic
Multi-Line Digital Systems

         Using 893- Numbers with an Off-Campus Telephone Service Provider
         Fiscal Year 03/04 Rate Changes for Faculty and Staff
         Fiscal Year 04/05 Planned Rate Changes
         Fiscal Year 2005/06 Proposed Rate Changes
         Fiscal Year 2010/11 Proposed Rate Changes
         FY 2010-11 Proposed Rate Summary
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         Update Telephone Service Locations Tool
         Business Telephone Line Temporary Disconnection
         New Temporary Disconnect/Reconnect Tool
         Web Applications Move to UCSBNetIDs
         2005/2006 Verizon Directories
         2005/2006 Verizon Directories
         Work Order Billing Cutoff
         Rates for UCSB Faculty and Staff
         What Is the Data/Networking Surcharge?
     Request Service
         Request Service for Faculty and Staff
         Service Request Form for Faculty and Staff
         Service Request Details
         Service Request Details
         Request Service
     Service Locator
         Request Service
         800MHz Frequently Asked Questions
         Guidelines for Using 800 MHz Radios
         ACD Frequently Asked Questions
         Change Time on Panasonic DTS Telephones
         Time Conversion Chart
         Cortelco MWI Phone Frequently Asked Questions
         Communications Services Support and FAQs
         Dialing Instructions for Faculty and Staff
         Creating Alternate Voice Mail Greetings
         Using the Voice Mail System
     Telephones And Accessories
         Telephone and Voice Mail Tools Training
         Telephone and Voice Mail Tools Training
     Voip Um
         VoIP and Unified Messaging
         VoIP and Unified Messaging

     VoIP and Unified Messaging
     Billing Summary Report

     Antenna Installation
     Communications Infrastructure Services
     Fiber Optic Cable Plant
     Allocation of Fiber Optic Cable Pairs
     Fiber Optic Cable Plant Physical Connections
     Fiber Optic Cable Plant Logical Schematics
     Using Fiber Optic Cable for Campus Networks
         Attachment of Services
         Communications Backbone Cable
         Communications Project Planning Guidelines
         Communications Network Design and Budgeting
         Scheduling for Communications Facilities
         Floor Terminals (Sub-Terminals)
         Communications for Temporary Facilities
         Main Terminal Room, Risers and Distribution
         Underground Conduit and Manholes
         Workstation Wiring
         Construction and Wiring Standards
             Construction Standards Drawings
                Inside Construction Standards Drawings
                Outside Construction Standards Drawings
             Sample Acceptance Testing Procedure
             Standards History
             EIA/TIA-568 and TSB-36 Standards Summary
             National Electrical Code Symbols
             Sources for Industry Standards
             TSB-36 Additional Specifications
             Checklist for Wiring Installations
             Communications Wiring Glossary
             Installation Procedures
             Wiring Media
             Wiring Standards Overview
             Physical Components
             Proposed Campus Wiring Standard
             Wiring Standards
             Wiring Standards Drawings
                Inside Wiring Standards Drawings

     Operation of Wireless Microphones in the 700 MHz Band Prohibited after June 12, 2010
     2016-17 Printed Campus Directory
     2003-2004 Printed Campus Directory
     2004-2005 Printed Campus Directory
     2006-2007 Printed Campus Directory
     2007-2008 Printed Campus Directory
     2008-2009 Printed Campus Directory
     2010-2011 Printed Campus Directory
     2011-12 Printed Campus Directory
     2013-14 Printed Campus Directory
     Cox Channel Change
     What's New
     Changes to Telephone and Voice Mail Dialing
     New Prepaid International Cellular Calling Service
     Retirement of Public Modem Pool
     Voice Mail Message Waiting Email Notification Service
     Changes to Recharge Billing Statements
     What's New with BORIS Online Account Access
     New Communications Services Website
     Campus Operator Service Hours Change
     Campus Operator Service Hours Change
     Changes to Outgoing Caller ID
     Surcharge Increase for Non-University Customers
     Telephone Equipment Update and Service Outage
     Wireless Number Portability
         Wireless Number Portability
         Wireless Number Portability

     Cable Pair Rental
     Data Communications
     Services for Non-University Groups
     Request Service
     Rates for Non-University Groups
     Telephone Repair Responsibilities
     Telephone Service for Non-University Groups


     BORIS and Service Locator Availability
     Cable Television
     Data and Network Services
     Communications Products and Services
     Telephone Service for People with Disabilities
     Emergency Telephones (9-1-1)
     Selection of Emergency Telephone Locations
     Emergency Telephone Specifications
     Service Request Forms
     UCSB Public Modem Pools
     Network Diagram and Statistics
     How to Establish a Peering Agreement with UCSB
     Telephone and Voice Services

     Communications Services Rates
     International Calling Rates
     Local Long-Distance Telephone Number Prefixes
     Local Calling Area Telephone Number Prefixes
     Rate Codes for UCSB Faculty and Staff
     Rate Codes for UCSB Residents
     Domestic Call Rate Calculator

     Old Announcements
     Old Announcements
         TAC Potential Agenda Items
         Requirements for New Telephone Lines
         PBX vs. Centrex: GTE California
         PBX vs. Centrex: CalPoly San Luis Obispo
         PBX vs.Centrex: UC Berkeley
         Invitation to Potential TAC Members
         Should We Hire a Consultant?
         Background Documents
         Options for Future Telephone Service at UCSB
         Options for Future Telephone Service at UCSB: Details
         Data Communications & Networking Subsidies by Telephone Service in FY 1995-96
         ResNet in Storke and West Campus Communities
         Schedule for Campus Telephone System Replacement
         Computer Networks in Local Education
         Replacement Telephone System Cost Estimates
         RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs

     Cable TV for UCSB Residents
     Cable TV for UCSB Residents
     Calling Cards
     Calling Card Policies
     Calling Features for UCSB Residents
     Cellular Coverage Reports: UCSB & Isla Vista
     Cellular Service for the UCSB Community
     Services for UCSB Residents
     Installation and Repair Guarantees
     Local Calling Service Options
     Telephone and Television Policies
     Repairs for UCSB Residents
     Second Lines for UCSB Apartment Residents
     Telephone Service for UCSB Residents
     Troubleshooting Your Service
     Voice Mail for UCSB Residents
         BORIS Frequently Asked Questions
         Your Communications Services Account
         Your Residential Telephone Service Account
         Introduction to Billing
         Forms for Requesting Service
         Changes in Billing Notification
         Changes in How Outgoing Caller ID Works
         Cox Cable Television Rate Increase
         Cox Cable Television Rate Increase
         News and Notices
         Signing Up for the Do Not Call Registry
         2006 End-of-Year and Move-Out Instructions
         2007 End-of-Year Instructions for Residents
         2008 End-of-Year Instructions for Residents
         New Residential Telephone Service Plan
                New Residential Telephone Service Plan
                New Residential Telephone Service Plan
         Rates for UCSB Residents
         Rates for UCSB Residents
         Calling Instructions for UCSB Residents
         Support for UCSB Residents


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