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  CommServ > Residents > Account > Your Residential Telephone Service Account

Your Residential Telephone Service Account

Material on this page is also summarized in Communications Services' Residential Telephone and Television Policies.

Customer of Record

If you have a roommate or roommates and will be sharing a telephone line, you must decide who will be the Customer of Record before requesting service. There can be only one Customer of Record for each telephone line. If we receive more than one request for service at a particular location, we will process only the first one received.

The Customer of Record will be billed for all charges incurred on the telephone line. Collecting payment from roommates is the responsibility of the Customer of Record, not Communications Services. Moving off campus, withdrawing from UCSB, or being evicted from a campus residence does not release the Customer of Record from his or her responsibilities. If you the Customer of Record and are leaving University-owned housing, you should either transfer your account to a roommate, or cancel your telephone service (see below).

Transferring Account

If you are the Customer of Record and decide to move, your roommate can take over the account. This avoids a break in service. Both you and your roommate must complete a portion of our Change of Customer form (pdf). The account will be transferred within one working day after the form is submitted to our office. The original Customer of Record is responsible for all charges on the telephone line up until the date of transfer.

Cancelling Service

During the academic year, the Customer of Record can cancel telephone service using our online Order, Change, or Cancel Service form. Service will be disconnected within three working days after receipt of the completed form.

When cancelling your telephone service, be sure to cancel any outside vendor services you may have on your line (see below).

Telephone Services from Other Vendors

Other telephone companies may contact you offering a multitude of additional services. Please be aware that these services may not work as intended on your UCSB telephone line. You should question any offer carefully, because you – not Communications Services – are responsible for all charges from outside vendors. Services offered may include Internet service, non-UCSB voice mail, 10-10-XXX dial-around plans, and calling plans that you access by dialing an 800 number.

When you cancel your telephone service, you are also responsible for canceling any vendor services on your line. If you do not, Communications Services will charge a $50.00 fee to remove each service.

Billing and Payments

Each month, the total amount of your telephone charges will appear on your statement from Billing Accounts Receivable Collections (BARC). In addition, Communications Services will send each customer a billing notification by email. This notification will list the total amount due for the previous month's services.

You can also look at your past and current bills using our online BORIS (Billing Order and Repair Information System) application.

All payments must be made to the UCSB Cashier's Office, SAASB 1212. Payments can be mailed or hand-delivered. You may pay your bill with a single check, or with separate checks from each roommate. Make all checks payable to the UC Regents, and be sure to include the Customer of Record's Perm number on each check.

Failure to Pay Your Bill

As the Customer of Record, you are responsible for paying your bill on time. Billing questions should be resolved within 30 days of the date of receipt. If you fail to pay the bill in full within 30 days of receiving it, the following will occur:

  1. Your student records, including grades, transcripts, and registration materials, will be placed on hold until your bill is paid.
  2. Your service will be restricted, or cancelled, until the bill is paid in full. If your service is cancelled due to non-payment, you may be charged to reinstall your telephone.
  3. Continued problems will cause termination of service, and you will no longer be eligible for telephone service.

Requests for Refund of Charges

Claims for refunds of charges for residential telephone services must be received by UCSB Communications Services within sixty (60) days of the date of the billing summary on which they appeared. Claims should be submitted on a Request for Refund of Charges (pdf).

Billing Questions and Adjustments

Questions concerning telephone charges, disconnected lines, and miscellaneous vendor charges can be discussed in person at our Customer Service Center (pdf), or by calling 8700. All inquiries should be made within 30 days of receiving your billing summary.

Questions concerning your BARC statement should be directed to the BARC office at 2155.




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