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  CommServ > Products And Services > Establish a Peering Agreement

How to Establish a Peering Agreement with UCSB

The information on this page is intended for representatives of Internet Service Providers in the Santa Barbara area who are interested in establishing a Peering Agreement with UCSB.

UCSB is willing to enter into Bilateral Peering Agreements with local Internet Service Providers for the sole purpose of routing data packets between the ISP's network and UCSB's network. However, UCSB does not want to establish Multilateral Peering Agreements among all ISPs that have or may establish Bilateral Peering Agreements with UCSB.

Basically, UCSB will allow any local ISP to connect to a T-1 serial port on a UCSB router, at no charge, subject to some restrictions. The ISP is responsible for the cost of the T-1 circuit between their network and the UCSB campus, and for the provision of a DSU to terminate the circuit on campus. We will not carry nor transmit traffic destined for networks other than the ISP's or UCSB's. There are some additional restrictions, detailed in the agreement.

If you represent a local ISP and might be interested in exploring a Peering Agreement, please review the following three documents. Do not print these documents and mail them to us. Each document needs to be modified before it can be signed, and we won't accept versions that are modified by our customers. These documents are in MS Word format.

  • UCSB Communications Services Agreement For Services (doc).  This is our standard agreement for the provision of any service to a non-University customer. This agreement required many months of review by UC General Counsel, and cannot be modified to suit an individual customer's needs. If you can't agree to use this Agreement For Services, then we can't do business together.
  • Attachment A to the Agreement For Services (doc).  This Attachment is adapted to each customer's particular network configuration and needs. We are willing to negotiate any article in Attachment A, so long as it doesn't contradict the Agreement For Services.
  • Letter of Agency (doc).  We have had too many occurrences of existing and potential customers ordering communications circuits to our campus without our knowledge. When this happens, a carrier, usually Verizon, shows up at our door to tell us that they're here to install a T-1 circuit or some other facility, without our prior consent. We always turn away these installers. We will only accept the installation of a circuit into our campus if we order that circuit. To place an order for a circuit between your network and our campus, you will need to sign a Letter of Agency which gives us the authority to order the circuit and have all charges for the installation and recurring use billed to you. Of course, you have to agree to the contents of the Letter of Agency.

If you're still interested in connecting your network to the UCSB network after reading the above documents, or if you have any questions about this arrangement, send email to Communications Services Associate Director Paul Valenzuela, or telephone 893-7222.




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