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  CommServ > Non-UCSB Groups > Telephone Repair Responsibilities

Telephone Repair Responsibilities

Non-university users with Verizon local service or other services connected through UCSB wiring are charged a monthly fee for cable pairs dedicated to their service. Included in this fee is the maintenance and repair of the cable. For any repair issues, call Communications Services Help Desk at 893-8700 and we'll coordinate the repair with Verizon or your other service vendors as necessary.

Billing Responsibility for Repairs

Every wired telecommunications device on campus is connected to local, national, and international telecommunications services through the campus cable plant. The cable plant includes all copper and fiber optic connections entering the campus and all wired connections between buildings. If cable plant wiring is damaged or fails, Communications Services is responsible for all expenses incurred to repair the problem, and only Communications Services is authorized to make the repairs. Call our Help Desk at extension 893-8700 to report problems with wiring between buildings.

Each building and trailer on campus has a demarcation point for telecommunications services. Any cabling or wiring failure within a building beyond the demarcation point is the responsibility of the building occupants. If the wiring within a building is damaged, or otherwise fails, the building occupants are responsible for all expenses incurred to repair the problem. Repair work can be done by Communications Services technicians, by another campus department, or by an off-campus vendor. If you want Communications Services to repair the wiring within a building, report the problem to our Help Desk at 893-8700. Communications Services will bill the repairs on a time and materials basis.

NOTE: All wiring within buildings must be installed or repaired in accordance with existing code and safety regulations, and must follow industry standards for attachments and terminations. Communications Services reserves the right to disconnect wiring installations that are non-standard and that are causing problems on the networks we maintain.




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