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  CommServ > News > Changes to Outgoing Caller ID

Changes to Outgoing Caller ID

Communications Services has changed outgoing Caller ID on the campus telephone system to consistently present the actual calling number. As of July 11, 2012, outbound calls (local and toll) transmit the actual 805-893-xxxx originating number instead of 805-893-6000.

Those customers who have been using *82 to ensure their Caller ID was transmitted when placing local calls will no longer need to do so.

For customers who have an occasional business need to block outgoing Caller ID, Communications Services has implemented Selective Caller ID Blocking. This is accomplished by dialing *67, followed by the desired telephone number. This must be done on a call-by-call basis. The *67 prefix may not be used when calling 911 or a toll-free number.

For customers who have already chosen to block their Caller ID completely, the called number display will now show RESTRICTED or BLOCKED for all calls originating with the blocked line.

For more information on Selective Caller ID Blocking or to implement permanent Caller ID blocking on individual lines, please contact Communication Services at extension 8700.




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