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2016-17 Printed Campus Directory

2015-16 UCSB Campus Directory front coverStarting in 2016, Network & Communications Services stopped printing a campus telephone directory. However, we collected the usual information and edited it to provide a PDF copy in the same style as a printed directory. You can click on the links below to look at the 2016/2017 traditional White (individual), Blue (departmental) and Ivory (general information) sections.

Links to PDFs

White Pages (Individual)

Blue Pages (Departmental)

Ivory Pages (General Information)

White Pages

All contact information in the "White Pages" section of the printed directory is taken from the UCSB Identity Services LDAP database, which is administered by OIST Computing Infrastructure. UCSB staff and faculty update their own information, and make selections about which information they want printed in the campus directory.

Ivory Pages

The UCSB Campus Directory also includes an "Ivory Pages" section at the front of the Directory. The Ivory Pages contain detailed instructions for using the campus telephone and voice mail systems, as well as general information about UCSB organization, academic calendars, holidays, and campus maps.

Blue Pages

The "Blue Pages" section of the Directory lists contact names or titles and telephone extensions for UCSB campus departments, offices, and services. This information is also available online in Communications Services' Departmental Directory.




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