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  CommServ > News > 805/820 Overlay

805 / 820 Area Code Overlay Announcement

The California Public Utilities Commission approved a new 820 area code overlay for those who reside in the area from Thousand Oaks to North of Paso Robles. Per the Commission, "The 820 area code will be added as an overlay to the 805 region to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers for the area." Projections that available 805 prefixes would run out by the fourth quarter of 2017 prompted this change.

  • Beginning June 2, 2018, callers on cell phones or residents with landlines must include the 805 or 820 area code when placing a call — dialing seven digits will no longer work.

  • Beginning June 30, 2018, "...consumers requesting new or additional telephone numbers... may be assigned either the new 820 area code or the original 805 area code, depending on available telephone number inventory."
  • There are no dialing changes from UCSB Campus phones to 805 numbers — continue to dial 805 numbers as seven-digits (9 + XXX-XXXX). Our telephone system automatically adds the 805 area code for us when placing a call.

    When dialing 820 area code numbers, dial 9 + 1 + 820 + XXX-XXXX
    (local usage charges will automatically apply)

    For more information regarding the 805 / 820 area code overlay, visit the California Public Utilities Commission site at, http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/805areacode




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