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  CommServ > Infrastructure > Standards > History > Checklist for Wiring Installations

The following checklist should be used to assure that any new wiring proposed and/or installed by campus departments or contractors conforms to the proposed campus communications cabling standard.

  1. Prepare a scope of work document which contains the following information:
    • A list of all rooms to be wired and the end-to-end route for the cable.
    • The type of ceiling tiles used in rooms or hallways which may be entered for wire placement. Have a plan to replace broken tiles.
    • A determination if the ceiling area is of plenum or non-plenum construction.
    • Identification of conduits, and existing cables, which may be used for cable placement.
    • Identification of wall construction on which communications outlets will be mounted.
    • Location of backboard space for wire termination and patch panels in serving communications subterminal.
  2. If required by the proposed installation, has contact been made with Facilities Management and/or Environmental Health and Safety?
  3. Is the wire to be placed compatible with the campus communications cabling standard?
  4. Does an installation manual exist to guide the placement and termination of the proposed wiring?
  5. Has provision been made to provide wall plates or touch-up plaster and painting to repair damaged wall surfaces?
  6. Does a testing and acceptance procedure exist applicable to the proposed installation and to the campus standard?
  7. Do documentation formats and forms exist to guide the installation and provide permanent reference after installation, testing and acceptance?
  8. Has documentation been prepared which defines the materials and configuration for jumper cables to be used at the workstation end and at the patch panels?


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