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  CommServ > Infrastructure > Standards > Construction > Outside > Manholes Pullboxes > Manholes and Pullboxes

Manholes and Pullboxes

Recommended sizes and configurations of manholes, pullboxes, and handholds to be used in campus communications construction.

Drawing Contents
mhsectns.pdf Manhole entrance duct standards.
mhmold.pdf 4 x 7 manhole standard - 3D view.
4070btmh.pdf 4 x 7 manhole standard - exploded view.
4070bt2d.pdf 4 x 7 manhole standard - contruction specification drawing.
3x5pbbs.pdf Pullbox profile - 3D view.
3x5pbcut.pdf Typical 3 x 5 pullbox standard - 3D exploded view.




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