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Scheduling for Communications Facilities

The following guidelines for communications should be considered within the total project schedule.

Program Development

Communications Services should be advised of a proposed project prior to, or during, the selection process for architectural services.

Budget Development

Budget and Planning, Architects and Consultants may use the above guidelines (Budgeting for Communications Facilities) for initial budget development. However, Communications Services should be provided with program documents and a planning schedule in a time frame that allows a minimum of sixty (60) days for review and response on communications costs. (A detailed, formal estimate of communications costs for a project can be provided by Communications Services at the beginning of the Construction Document Phase of a project.)

Design Development (DD)Phase

Communications Services should participate in the entire design development cycle and will provide written standards and comments throughout the process. Specific alternatives, schedule, and estimates for site preparation and communication backbone and entrance facilities will be provided at the mid-point of the DD process.

Construction Document (CD) Phase

Communications Services should participate in the entire design development cycle and will provide complete written documentation and comments on the communications components of the project following the 50% CD review.

Site Clearance and Site Preparation Phase

As may be required by the siting and schedule for a new building or major renovations project, Communications Services will be prepared to site clear and relocate facilities a minimum of twelve (12) months in advance of construction start.

Bidding and Award Phase

Communications Services will provide information to contractors on contractor and owner representative trailer facilities within fifteen (15) working days of the award of contract.

Construction Phase

Communications Services, under the direction of the campus project manager, will provide on-site inspection of communications infra-structure placed by the contractor(s) throughout the construction period. If wiring is provided by the prime contractor(s), we will provide standards testing of all inside wiring systems. Testing schedules will be recommended by Communications Services, but will be available within seventy-two (72) hours of notification by the campus project manager.

Submittals by Contractor

Communications Services requires submittals for items provided by a contractor sixty (60) days prior to schedule of installation. Written response will be provided within fourteen (14) days of receipt of submittal.

Wiring by Communications Services

Inside wiring designed and estimated by Communications Services will be installed upon a minimum of one-month of written notice to Communications Services. Inside wiring will require from thirty (30) to ninety (90) days depending upon schedule for other contractors, completion of all physical infra-structure (conduits with pull string), cable trays, backboards, etc.) If required for phasing and partial occupancy, and defined in the construction drawings phase of the project, Communications Services can complete partial wiring and turn-up within fourteen (14) days to thirty (30) days with thirty (30) days notice and completion of all infrastructure. Building entrance cabling will be provided, installed, tested and activated by Communications Services with a start date no later than sixty (60) days prior to any partial or total occupancy of a building.

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