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Communications Backbone Cable

Communications Backbone Cable Augmentation or Relocations

In order to provide communications attachment to new or renovated buildings, it may be necessary to augment cable capacity by either placement of large capacity cables or splicing and section throws. The design process for assignment of telephone cable pairs and telephone switch capacity is done in conjunction with on-going service projection requirements. Any one project must be coordinated with the needs and schedule of several others projects and normal growth and maintenance cycles.

The siting of new buildings may also require the re-location of existing duct banks, manholes, pullboxes, and the removal and relocation of cables within these facilities. Upon identification of possible sites for new construction, the Communications Services department will provide a brief review of existing communications facilities within the site and alternatives for re-location, if required.

Project Managers for new or expanded building sites should contact Communications Services at the earliest stages of program development.

Communications Services will provide an “order-of-magnitude” figure, or multiplier for multiple sectors of campus based on the University’s Long Range Plan for Development and the building sites identified therein.

Building Entrance Cables

All buildings on campus are attached to a minimum of three (3) campus networks. These are:

  • Data Network - Fiber multi-mode and single mode cable
  • Telephone Network - Copper twisted pair cable
  • CATV - One-half inch (0.50") coaxial cable

These entrance cables and attachment to the campus networks are included in project budgets, but are designed, purchased, installed and tested exclusively by the Communications Services department. Entrance cables are designed and placed to assure both continuity of services to existing campus users in other buildings and to provide growth and flexibility in subsequent years. The campus may elect to place over-sized cables in new buildings to accommodate future re-configurations of the networks. This could include different typologies for the fiber data network or distributed telephone switching capacity.

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