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  CommServ > Infrastructure > Fiber Optic Cable Plant Logical Schematics

Fiber Optic Cable Plant Logical Schematics

There are eight fiber optic cable plants on the UCSB campus. Logical (schematic) drawings, in PDF format, of the Fiber Rings listed below can be obtained by sending an email request to help@commserv.ucsb.edu.

For security reasons, we are not providing plot plans (physical plans showing the conduits and manholes in which the fiber optic cables are placed). Please note that the buildings listed are not inclusive; there may be additional buildings shown in the drawing.

Fiber Ring Contents
Ring One Ring One interconnects buildings in the northwest section of the Main Campus, including North Hall, Kerr Hall, Robertson Gym, Student Health, SAASB, RecCen, EH&S, Facilities Management, and Public Safety. In Fall of 2003, Harder Stadium will be added, followed by the new ICA building in Spring, 2004.
Ring Two Ring Two interconnects buildings in the northeast section of the Main Campus, including North Hall, Cheadle Hall, Ellison Hall, Phelps Hall, Physical Sciences North, Chemistry, Engineering I and II, and Broida Hall. In Fall of 2003, the new Engineering Sciences Building will be added followed by the California Nanotech Sciences Institute (CNSI) in Spring of 2005.
Ring Three Ring Three interconnects buildings in the southeast section of the Main Campus, including North Hall, Anacapa Hall, Santa Cruz Hall, Biotechnology Seawater Lab, Marine Sciences, De La Guerra Commons, San Nicholas Hall, San Miguel Hall, Ortega Commons, Santa Rosa Hall, and Davidson Library.
Ring Four Ring Four interconnects buildings in the south west and center of the Main Campus, including North Hall, South Hall, Stroke Tower, Music, UCen, Arts, Snidecor Hall, Faculty Club, Carrillo Commons, San Rafael Hall, HSSB, Counseling & Career Services, and Women's Center. The proposed Student Resources Building will be part of this ring upon start-up in 2005.
Ring Five Ring Five connects the Main Campus to El Dorado Apartments, Santa Ynez Apartments, West Campus Apartments, Storke Apartments, and Santa Catalina Residence Hall.
Ring Six Ring Six connects the Main Campus to Westgate Apartments.
Ring Seven Ring Seven interconnects buildings on the east side and center of the Main Campus, including North Hall, Broida Hall, Engineering I, Kohn Hall, Bren Hall, Bio II, Bio III, Webb Hall, Woodhouse Lab, Noble Hall, Psychology, UCen, and Music. In the Summer of 2004, the Marine Sciences Research Institute (MSRB) will be attached, followed by the Life Sciences Building in Fall, 2004.
Ring Eight Ring Eight connects the main campus to the Hollister Research Building at Hollister and Los Carneros Roads and the Engineering Research Building on Cortona Way.




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