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  CommServ > Infrastructure > Allocation of Fiber Optic Cable Pairs

Allocation of Fiber Optic Cable Pairs

  1. Departments or organizations desiring to use interbuilding fiber optic cable pairs must send a written request for the allocation of those fibers pairs to the Communications Services director. The request must include the following minimum information:
    • The number of fibers requested.
    • The type of fiber requested (single-mode or multi-mode).
    • The buildings to be interconnected by the fibers.
    • A statement of why the existing utility data communications networks are not adequate to satisfy the requester's needs and why the allocation of fiber optic cable will satisfy the requester's need.
    • The time period over which the fiber optic cable is expected to be used.
    • An agreement that if and when all fiber optic pairs in any segment have been allocated and additional requests for fiber optic pairs in that segment are approved, the requester and all departments/organizations previously allocated dedicated fibers will jointly share in the resolution of the overuse of this campus resource.

  2. The request for allocation of fiber optic cable pairs must be signed by the requesting department's chair or organization's principal investigator.

  3. The Communications Services director will review each request using the following criteria:
    • The request includes all required information.
    • The need for use of dedicated fiber optic cable exists.
    • The proposed use of fiber optic cable is the lowest cost alternative for the campus as a whole
    • .

  4. All approved requests will be for a fixed time period; no fiber pairs will be allocated for use indefinitely. Prior to the end of the approved allocation time period, each requester will be informed that they need to reapply for the allocation of fiber optic pairs that they are already using.




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