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Beginning on February 4th, 2019, Communications Services will begin offering all services from the unified Information Technology Services portal: http://ithelp.ucsb.edu/

Service Request Form for Faculty and Staff

To begin your order, complete the fields below and press "Next."
Person Placing Order
  *Name:   *Email:   
  *Department:   *Phone:  
  *Account No:   (ex: 8-123456-12345-1)
Account Controller *(select one)
  I am the Controller for this account and I approve this order.
Send a copy of this order to the Account Controller named below.
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Subscriber (Name as it should appear on bill)
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*Check all that you wish to charge to this account.
  New Telephone Service
Feature Package 2000/3000
     (Feature Package 3000 includes Caller ID)
Call Waiting
     (Requires Feature Package 2000/3000)
Voice Mail
Calling Card
Printed Campus Directory
Temporary Phone Disconnect/Reconnect
Authorization Code
Fax Line
Cable Television
ReadyTalk Conference Service
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