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Off-Campus Communications Services

off-campus service

Service Description

Communications Services offers extended service support to university departments located off the UCSB campus but still in the local area. For example, the administrative and academic departments in the Hollister Research Center, Embarcadero Hall, and other buildings in Isla Vista, Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura fall into this category.

We work with multiple communications carriers to provide service to off-campus departments. Consequently, off-campus service should be ordered as far ahead of time as possible, because the design issues are usually more complicated than for service on campus.

Local Service Within Verizon Ellwood Beach Area

If a department's location is within the Verizon Ellwood Beach serving area – roughly the area from Ellwood Beach to the Santa Barbara Airport and the UCSB campus – we will provide the same telephone service as would be available on campus. This means that the telephones will have 893 prefixes, and all the features and benefits of the UCSB telephone system.

If the building in which the department is located is owned by the university, the service will be provided at the same rates that are charged to departments located in buildings on the main campus. If the building or space in which the department is located is not owned by the university, there will be an additional monthly recharge for the facilities used to connect the building to the main campus. These facilities are usually leased circuits from Verizon.

Local Service Outside Verizon Ellwood Beach Area

If a department's location is outside of the Verizon Ellwood Beach serving area, we will work with the local telephone companies to obtain services for the department. The department will be recharged for the services provided, at the rates charged to the campus by the off-campus vendor(s), with no additional overhead charges.

Getting Off-Campus Service

To obtain off-campus service, an individual with signature authority on the account to be charged should send an e-mail request to workorder@commserv.ucsb.edu. The request should include:

  • A description of the service(s) you are requesting (voice only, data only, data and voice, broadband data).
  • The location where you need the service.
  • The university account number that will be charged for the service.
  • Contact information.

Service Outside the Local Area

For information on service provided to departments or groups outside of the local area, please see Communications Services at Distant Locations.




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