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Extended Conference Services

extended conference call

Service Description

The UCSB telephone system supports conference calls among three people (see Dialing Instructions for Faculty and Staff), but not more than three. Individuals and departments who wish to make conference calls involving four or more people will need to make arrangements with a commercial provider.

Effective February 2005, the ReadyTalk Conference System is available for both voice and Web conference services. A conference call service requiring no reservations, ReadyTalk can support up to 96 participants per conference call. Each user receives a personal conferencing account that can be utilized at any time. Conference participants dial a toll-free number and enter an access code, and then are placed on music hold until the chairperson enters the conference, utilizing a personal chairperson pass code.

The UCSB host who subscribes to ReadyTalk will be charged at our current Business domestic toll rates for each conference caller. Calls are charged to the University account number you provide, and billed through Communications Services.

The Web conferencing component of the service is included at no extra charge. You can also have the Web and audio components of a conference call recorded and archived for an additional monthly fee (the cost of the original conference). When you no longer need access to the recorded and stored conference, simply go to the ReadyTalk website and cancel the archiving.

Getting ReadyTalk Service

For Further Information

To find out more about ReadyTalk, including more details on Web conferencing (free to UCSB customers), visit the ReadyTalk website.

If you have additional questions about signing up for ReadyTalk service or arranging billing, please contact the Communications Services Customer Service Center at x8700.

Notice of Disclaimer

The content of this page is for informational purposes only, and does not imply an endorsement of this company, its products, or its services by the University of California.




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