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Cable Television Policy

Cable Television Service Connection

A Cable Television Service Connection ("Service Connection") for UCSB faculty or staff provides cable television service to a single address or building on the campus. The Service Connection can be installed only by Communications Services staff or their contractors. Within the building which constitutes the individual address, one or more television sets may be connected to the Service Connection by the customer in the same room, providing that the number of television sets connected to the Service Connection does not degrade the quality of the television service for other customers. In the event that the customer degrades the quality of the Service Connection for themselves or for adjacent customers, Communications Services will repair the problem on a time-and-materials basis.

The Service Connection may not be extended by the customer to another building or room. If such an extension is identified by Communications Services, the extension and/or the Service Connection may be disconnected by Communications Services. Additional Service Connections must be individually purchased from Communications Services. In the event that the service is disconnected as the result of an unauthorized extension, time-and-materials charges will apply to the restoration of service.

Standard Service

Standard Service includes those television channels provided to the campus by Cox Communications as part of their Standard Service programming. In accordance with the franchise agreement with the County of Santa Barbara, the selection and number of Standard Service channels may vary from time to time, at the sole discretion of Cox Communications.




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