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  CommServ > Faculty And Staff > Your Telephone and 9-911 Emergency Services

Your Telephone and 9-911 Emergency Services

When a campus telephone dials 9-911, the call is connected to the Campus Police Dispatch Center to dispatch emergency response personnel. Provided with the call is information on the physical location of the telephone placing the call. This information, known as ALI or Automatic Location Information, is maintained in a Communications Services database, and the accuracy of this location information can be critical to the safety and lives of those on campus.

When Communications Services installs or moves a telephone line, the location records are updated. Some telephone systems on campus, such as Digital Key and Voice over IP (VoIP), allow telephones to be moved by departmental personnel instead of by Communications Services technicians. For accurate telephone location information to be transmitted to 9-911, however, the campus building and room number must be updated in the database by the department, or Communications Services must be notified of the move.

Communications Services provides two tools to allow departments to verify the accuracy of telephone location information. The second of these tools can also be used to update the location information.

  • Check Your Telephone Location Information: To verify the accuracy of the location information from a campus 893 telephone, you can dial extension 2300. This will connect you to an application we call Alicia, which will announce the building number, building name, and room number of the telephone line you are using. If the telephone line is installed in multiple locations, each location is reported.
  • Update Your Telephone Location Information: Location information can also be verified, and room numbers updated, from our online Update Telephone Service Locations application. This application is available to departmental personnel with access to our BORIS system. See the BORIS FAQ for more information on how to obtain access to BORIS.

In the event that the telephone location is moved to another building, or for any other updates or questions, please email Customer Services staff at help@commserv.ucsb.edu.




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