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  CommServ > Directories > Updating Individual Directory Listings

Updating Individual Printed Directory Listings

It is time again for UCSB Directory Service listings to be updated in order to provide current information for the 2006-2007 White Pages section of the printed Campus Directory. There are three ways to do this.

  1. Anyone can update his or her own directory listing by logging in to the UCSB Directory Service.
  2. Department Directory Editors (DDE) can update any listing within the department(s) designated for them on the DDE list. Please take a moment to review the DDE list and send any changes to directoryhelp@isc.ucsb.edu.
  3. You can update and manage listings via IS&Cís new Netpoint application.

The deadline for updating 2005-2006 directory listings is June 20, 2006. The white pages data in the directory will be extracted the following day and given to Communication Services. Any changes made to any directory listing after this deadline will not be included in the 2006-2007 printed directory.

Funding rollover note: The directory data reflect data in the payroll system (PPS). If you remove an employee from payroll, that person's listing is removed from the directory and will not be printed. We have moved the deadline for printing to a date before the end of the fiscal year to accommodate those whose employment ends in summer and restarts in fall. If you want an employee's listing to be printed, you must give them a separation date that falls after June 25, 2006.

If you need help logging in to the UCSB Directory Service, or have any questions about how to update individual listings, send email to directoryhelp@isc.ucsb.edu.

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