Geography 805-893-3663 
1832 Ellison Hall  
Chair, Oliver Chadwick 805-456-2831 
Executive Officer, Geography/Director of Campus Sustainability, Mo Lovegreen 805-893-4980 
Undergraduate Assistant, Consuelo Rivera 805-893-4944 
Graduate Program Assistant/Student Programs Manager, Nicole McCoy 805-893-4929 
Academic Personnel & Space Management Analyst, Lauren Kerr 805-893-5088 
Personnel Analyst, Connie Padilla 805-893-4961 
Contract & Grants Manager, Alycia Lewis 805-893-4971 
Financial Analyst, Nancy Ponce 805-893-4996 
Purchasing &Travel Assistant, Patricia Halloran 805-893-4998 
Director of IT, Dylan Parenti 805-755-4911 
Computer Network Technologist, Alex Feldwinn 805-893-3319 
Software Development Coordinator, Guylene Gadal 805-203-0578 
Student Programs Assistant, Patty Murray 805-893-3663 
Fax 805-893-2578 
Spatial@UCSB (Center for Spatial Studies)  
    3512 Phelps Hall  
    Director, Werner Kuhn 805-893-8224 
    Research Coordinator 805-893-5267 
    Administrative Coordinator, Karen Doehner 805-893-8224 
UCSB Sustainability  
    Conference Manager/Campus Sustainability Coordinator, Katie Maynard 805-448-5111 
    TGIF Grants Manager/Campus Sustainability Coordinator, Jewel Snavely 805-893-8367 
    Event & Fund Raising Manager, Ryan Tyler 805-893-2798 

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