Executive Vice Chancellor, Office of the 805-893-2785 
5105 Cheadle Hall  
Appointments 805-893-2785 
Executive Vice Chancellor, David Marshall 805-893-2126 
Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Toby Lazarowitz 805-893-4764 
Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity, and Academic Policy, Maria Herrera - Sobek 805-893-5114 
Executive Director for Academic Affairs, Lisa Sedgwick 805-893-8029 
Director of Academic Administration, Academic Affairs, Lisa Daniels 805-893-2010 
Assistant Director of Finance & Operations, Tracy Daggett 805-893-3909 
Special Projects Analyst, Elizabeth (ZouZou) Chapman 805-893-2498 
Administrative Analyst, Lisa Oshins 805-893-2785 
Administrative Analyst, Patty Makela 805-893-8531 
Financial and Operations Manager, Erica Losada 805-893-2596 
Financial and Operations Assistant, Kira Walther 805-893-4959 
Technical Support (AAIT) 805-893-2495 
Fax Number 805-893-7712 
Web http://www.evc.ucsb.edu  

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